Artwork Specifications

· Supplied at the correct trim size ( mm )
· With 3mm of bleed 
· Design elements kept within 3mm margin ( 3mm away from the trim edge )

Supplied as a PDF

NCR 4/0 Duplicate 50 X 21BWP 229,00
2BWP 308,00
3BWP 387,00
4BWP 466,00
5BWP 545,00
6BWP 624,00
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Price Calculator

Total(Including VAT) : BWP 229,00
Estimated Total : BWP 229,00

Product Review

Needing custom Invoice books?? We can help. Even in the digital world, people still need to hand write invoices. We can print either duplicate or triplicate. A4, A5 or custom size. Customised Invoice books are a great option for you business. Our design team can create one for you with all the important information relevant to your business.NCR paper can come in a range of colours.The top page is usually white, with a choice of blue, yellow, pink and green for the duplicate and triplicate copies.

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